1. th-oughts.com

The description above says it all. The idea that you could ask the people you deem as experts a question and actually have them reply to it is very intriguing. I am one of those people that Benjamin Edgar Gott has spoke about in those interviews in regards to why he started this platform. I was cold emailing people questions, asking them to let me pick their brain on an idea or an issue, with little to no success. In all reality no success. Sure, reaching out is scary. What if they do read it and you look like a fool via email? What if they think you're just outright annoying for bothering them with questions? At the root if it, you're simply just trying to learn. You want to be able to move forward in the project you're working on. I sure don't mind paying $10 for asking a question that can result in very valuable information. Th-oughts has a directory of experts raging from fashion, photography, design, business, video, interior design, etc.

Links - th-oughts.com (mobile display only, shrink screen to use platform via desktop) / New Rules ft Benjamin Edgar