1. SIE Film Center

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Denver SeriesFest to view a selection of short independently produced tv pilots.  Between fashion and art continues to grow in Denver over the past year, it’s good to see that film and television are also finding ways to thrive here.  SeriesFest is a global showcase but having the event here gives a chance for Denver filmmakers and creatives to network and also display a lot of work that may go unnoticed without events like these.  The specific event I attended was set around a series of television pilots ranging from animation, experimental films, sitcoms, to off the wall "David Lynch-esque” comedy dramas. The content was as varied as the budget and pedigree of each team of filmmakers.  All of it was viable in its own way, which is a testament to what is possible a medium that is so often restricted by budgets and where you might reside in America.