1. Leisure Studios

Denver as it is today, seems to be constantly growing and changing. For the better part of the last three years I had the privilege of being supporter and contributor to a large collective of Denver based artist and creatives. Lined along the warehouses, boutiques, and restaurants of the Santa Fe Art District, Leisure Studios was one of the only places that ever held my attention. I'm biased as many of my friends played music from the venue, had gallery showings, and threw events and parties. However, when it comes to good taste and good people Leisure Studios was exactly the kind of place that would be overlooked (thankfully?) by Westword and the Post and valued as a sanctuary for the people that went there over some the "kooky-er" places in Denver. It's sad to see it close at the start of the New Year but like the warehouses in RINO, or the "original Streadbrook" it's played a big role in connecting me to the city I was raised in and in creating a real culture in Denver the right way.