1. David Owen
2. IDEA Merch

Today, publications are one of the only things I constantly purchase. Self help books, magazines, & coffee table books are something I can’t have enough of. IDEA BOOKS was introduced to me via the app Depop. As I looked through their collection I was very excited to have had come across such vast archive of publications. Instantly, I knew IDEA BOOKS was something that would have my attention. Recently, co-founder David Owen of IDEA sat down with the Neighbour from Canada to talk about how it all came about.

  • "That’s tricky to answer as originally all we ever intended it to do was to pay the bills and afford us a living."
  • "Suddenly we needed a name and IDEA was conceived (actually by our eldest daughter Iris - it is an acronym for Iris David Edith Angela, our family)"

Links - shopneighbour.com/blogs/features/idea-books-david-owen