1.Buddy Duress in Good time

I'd take authentic over triumphant any day. My favorite film of the past year was Good Time by the Safdie Brothers. The movie stood out on my radar amongst everything else since I saw the trailer because of its authenticity. Little details in the styling by Miyako Bellizi and Mordechai Rubinstein (mistermort) put the film head and shoulders above a lot of stories by other filmmakers whose work is supposed to be contemporary. The characters are dressed in a way that speaks to who they are but also reflects the modern day, the little things that Good Time might go under appreciated but can't be understated for adding to that authenticity. The Safdie brothers make movies that feel real but are also so unbelievable that they feel like a dream. I appreciate their sentiment for reality from the story to the casting of Buddy Durress playing the kind of character you probably have come across in your own "downtown" even if you don't live in a place like New York. In an industry that can praise melodrama a little too often, it's good to see a film that doesn't forget to embrace authenticity above glamor.

Link - Good Time