1. Sean Brown
2. Needs & Wants Studios

Consistency, simplicity & taste come to mind when thinking about Sean Brown, creator of Toronto's Needs & Wants Studios. There is people doing incredible things all over the world, but as of late, I've paid close attention to what is coming out of Toronto. I discovered Sean Brown in 2015 through Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette. I saw a picture of Sean and Josh together in NY and I've always been the person to look at the company that the people I admire keep around. Sean's taste immediately resonated with me and I started to follow him and his brand. Today, Sean's work can be seen through his most recent collaboration with Bonlook eyewear, behind the sense of a Daniel Caeser project, & of course through Needs & Wants.

Links - byseanbrown.com / needsandwantsstudios.com